Lexington Steele and Julez Ventura

Another fresh week and time for yet another superb and sexy video for you to see.You know by now that Lexington Steele likes to get it on with all the sexy and slutty babes and he pleases them all too. Today it’s miss Julez Ventura with her turn to ride that famous huge black meat pole, and you can bet that she enjoyed it too. She’s a sexy Latina too and if you want to see another such cutie see miss Sophia Fiore as well in our past scenes everyone! Anyway, coming back to this scene, you get to see as miss Ventura has all the fun that she wants with Lex and his huge cock this nice and hot afternoon. So let’s see her in action.

She was wearing a nice shirt that brought out just how perfect and round her tits are and a pair of cute small panties too. She has a rather slender frame, but that just makes her look even hotter. Well as the scene starts off properly she gets around to remove her panties right away for Lex as she was kind of wanting to take that hard cock deep in her cute and eager little ass. So sit back and watch as Lex pounds her anally today with his mighty cock. We hope that you liked it and do check out the past scenes as well to see the hot stud Lex fucking more eager famous porn star pussies and asses as well. Bye bye everyone!

[hana-flv-player video=’http://lexingtonsteele.org/trailers/juelz-ventura-and-lex.flv’ width=’600′ height=’340′ clickurl=’http://lexingtonsteele.org/members/m/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://lexingtonsteele.org/trailers/juelz-ventura-and-lex.jpg’ /]

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Lexington Steele and Skin Diamond

Hey there yet again guys and gals. Welcome to yet another superb Lexington Steele update today and we’re sure that you will just adore this new superb scene that we have for you. Lex got himself the superbly cute and sizzling hot babe Skin Diamond once more to fuck for the afternoon and you get to see it as well with front row seats to the superb and hard style fuck fest. The sweet and luscious babe is eager to take that hard cock once more in her pussy and let’s see the cutie do so this nice afternoon shall we?

[hana-flv-player video=’http://lexingtonsteele.org/trailers/lexinton-fucking-skin-diamond.flv’ width=’600′ height=’340′ clickurl=’http://lexingtonsteele.org/members/m/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://lexingtonsteele.org/trailers/lexinton-fucking-skin-diamond.jpg’ /]

As the cameras start to roll, the action is well under way as the cutie is hard at work on his cock as he sits back on the couch. You just need to see this adorable cutie as she gets to suck and slurp on his massive cock and she even tries to deep throat it. She takes it as deep as she can too. Well after that she was all set to get her dicking, so just sit back and watch as the cute miss Diamond gets that sweet pussy pounded hard style by Lex and his huge cock for this afternoon today. Enjoy it!

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Busty Richelle Ryan meeting Lex

Richelle Ryan is a mature with a nice and Generous bust and today she gets to enjoy Lex’s cock as much as she wants. If there’s one thing that Lexington Steele loves quite a lot, that would be mature ladies like this babe here with superb curves and a insatiable lust for hard cocks. Let’s kick back and see the action go down with the two as the horny stud Lex did everything in his power to please this babe by the end of the scene and you can rest assured that she didn’t leave the place disappointed. So let’s get started!

Of course, this scene starts with a nice and superb little scene as the lovely babe undresses and shows off her amazing body to Lexington Steele and the cameras. Then you get to see her whip out that nice and big meat pole of his from his pants, and she starts to work it with her juicy and eager lips to get it rock hard. And after all that prepping, her wet cunt was all ready begging for that cock. Sit back and enjoy seeing her riding his cock all day long today and have fun with it. We will have fresh content for you next week! Until then, you can join the http://gfrevenge.us/ website and watch some slutty amateur girlfriends sucking and fucking!


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Sophia Fiore fucking Lexington Steele

Today Lexington Steele comes to you with another superb and sexy scene. The main star of this scene is a babe that goes by the name Sophia Fiore and she is one hot and sexy Latina babe with some delicious curves and perky tits. The lovely babe is as cock hungry as any other babe that we had here but she has one thing different. She just adores anal sex and she tries to have it as much as possible. As you know that’s not a problem for Lex as he always tries to cater to these ladies’ demands what ever they may be.

lexington-steele-sophia-fiore-in-hardcore-analThe Sexy Sophia was quite to get on top of Lex today as she knows that this stud can give a nice and hard dicking as well. So she was all over him right from the start. Take your time to see her as she gets to suck and slurp on his nice and big dick this fine afternoon to get him nice and hard too first, then see her having him lay back on the couch as she climbs on top. Enjoy seeing her ride that fat cock with her cute ass all afternoon long and enjoy this nice and hot ass fucking scene for the afternoon everyone. Bye bye! If you liked this scene, you can enter the Ghetto Gaggers blog and watch some great interracial sex videos!

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Riley Reid getting double teamed

Well you guys are in luck. Today we have another superb Lexington Steele Porn update for you and just like some updates ago, this time you get to see Lex and one of his buddies have fun with one babe. If you want to see Lex and a buddy fucking another cute babe just click here everyone. The name of this week’s superb and horny cutie is Riley Reid and she just adores big black cocks. You will see her doing exactly what she loves today, and that is namely to take a nice and hard double fucking from the two guys today. So let’s get started and see the action go down with the trio today everyone. We bet you will love it.

Anyway, this is one superb and sexy scene to see if you want to watch a nice and cute little petite babe getting her holes taken advantage of by some nice and big cocks today. The lovely and sexy Riley here was wearing quite the sexy and hot lingerie set as well and the guys were even more turned on by it too. Sit back and watch this lovely little babe taking one cock in her pussy doggie style as she gets bent over and meanwhile you get to see her sucking on Lexington Steele cock with a passion as well. Have fun with this amazing double fuck scene today and do come back next week for another amazing update everyone!


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Sadie Santana and Lexington Steele

Another fresh week and time for another new update. This time the horny Lexington Steele gets to get it on with the sexy and cute MILF named Sadie Santana, that also happens to be one sizzling hot and sexy and passionate Latina too. So let’s see the show start with this babe as she will be having her holes thoroughly worked by the horny Lex today. She always wanted to feel a nice and big cock in both of her holes and Lex was very happy to satisfy her curiosity for today. So let’s see them do some hard style fucking today.

lexington-steele-sadie-santana-in-anal-sexThe scene starts with the mature Latina as she teases you with her perky slim body and petite frame as she shows off her sexy and hot black lingerie outfit. When she was done, Lex was already waiting with that nice and big cock ready to please. Sit back and watch him inserting it gently in her cute and tight ass at first, but then going deeper as the babe asks him too. Take your time to see him as he pleases her cute and tight ass hole for today with his cock and enjoy the view. We’ll see you next week once more everyone. Wanna see other hot chicks getting ass fucked? If you do, check out the African fuck tour site and have fun!

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Lex and Prince Yahshua fucking Amy

Well for this week we bring you a special update again. This time the hot stud Lexington Steele got to have a buddy over for some time. And just as they were talking about stud Lex gets a call from his sizzling hot fuck buddy Amy this afternoon. She was horny as hell and ready to fuck, but Lex told her that he has company. Well that was no problem for the babe, as in her head it was double the fun if she’d get to have two black cocks all to herself for the afternoon. So let’s see her in action for this afternoon with them shall we?

The babe arrives in an instant and she was wearing just a trench coat over her sexy lingerie and nothing else. So as soon as she took that off, the guys were pleased to see those delicious curves of her in all their glory. Sit back and watch the babe taking double duty today as the guys take turns to alternate between fucking that sweet and tight horny pussy and having those juicy lips sucking their cocks for the afternoon. Rest assured that the brunette babe got her thorough dicking as well by the end too. Have fun with it everyone and if you are more curious about her activity, check out her profile! if you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s update, check out the black ice pass site and see some gorgeous chicks getting their holes stuffed!


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Naughty Siri nailed by Lexington

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to some more fresh Lexington Steele videos today. In this fine video you get to see the well endowed male porn star as he gets to have round two of fun with the busty and sexy red haired babe Siri once more. The cutie just adored that hard style fucking that she got to take part of last time that she got it on with Lex and she came back today for another round. So let’s sit back and watch this mighty fine babe with bright red hair as she gets to take another nice and hard style dicking from the big and hard cock without delay. We know that you are eager to see her at play once more today everyone.

The video begins with the cutie wearing a pink hoodie and her panties, her gloves and some bracers, so you get to see her as he first of all, takes of the hoodie to show off that big natural bust that she packs. The horny Lex gets to show off as well and he whips out his nice and big cock to let the cutie play with it and stroke it as well.It wasn’t long until the babe had her juicy lips wrapped around the meat pole and working it with a passion as well. After that cock sucking session you get to see her as she presents her cute ass for a doggie style fucking and you can see the nice and big cock fucking her fast and hard from behind today.If you liked this scene, check out the site and watch some slutty ladies getting covered in cum!

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Mia Lelani in hardcore anal

Mia Lelani is the new hot and cute babe that gets to have fun with Lexington Steele for the afternoon today. she is this cute blonde with a perky body, round tits and perfectly small and cute ass as well. She is of Asian background as well and she sais that she just loves to fuck passionately with a guy that packs a big cock. Well half of her request was already solved as you know that Lex packs a big and hard cock. And it was time if he could fulfill the other request as well for today. So let’s watch the show and find out shall we?

The answer is a resounding YES as the guy like we said in past updates, can take it as slow or as fast as the babes want when they want their dicking. So let’s sit back and enjoy the superb view as the blonde Mia gets to have a nice and hard banging today. Watch her take that mighty cock in her cute and tight little ass and see her riding t passionately and hard for the whole scene. We cannot stress enough that you can’t miss this scene if you want to see this gorgeous cutie in action got the afternoon today everyone! If you liked this Lexington Steele scene, you can visit BlackBachelor and watch hot interracial amateur porn!


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Maddy O’Reilly fucking Lexington Steele

Well hello there once more and welcome back to another superb and sexy Lexington Steele videos update for the afternoon. In this nice scene you get to see the lovely cutie Maddy O’Reilly and her superb and hard style fuck with Lex for the afternoon. Just like the cute and horny miss Alexis Ford in her scene, this cutie was really eager to fuck and you can certainly say that the two have this thing in common. Anyway, she was sporting a cute coral blue tight shirt and her black leather pants. It seems that that was enough to make our stud want to get it on with her and what fun it was too. Let’s see the cutie in action for the afternoon.

maddy-o'reilly-fucking-lexington-steeleThe cameras start to roll, and like we said, you get to see the babe making her entry wearing her clothes. She takes her time to pose around for the Lex and the cameras and you get to see those delicious curves from every possible angle today. Sit back and watch her taking them off to reveal that she was wearing no lingerie either, which just made this easier as both parties were ready to go. Sit back and watch her as she takes her spot on top of his cock and see her cute and perky tits jiggle as she rides the man meat fast and hard today. We are hoping you’ll enjoy it and we will have more fresh content ready for you next week as well! Until the next week’s update, you can visit the EvilAngel website and watch some slutty Euro models sucking and fucking!

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